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Lifestyle, Nutrition & Wellness Coaching


Wellness Coaching for Revive Members

Kaelyn Turner, FNP-C, PN1

My name is Kaelyn Turner.

I am a Nurse Practitioner turned wellness, lifestyle, and nutrition coach, certified by Precision Nutrition!

I am so excited to begin providing this service to members of Revive Performance in Youngsville!

Why can I help you?

I have been a client of wellness coaches multiple times in the past, for multiple different reasons.

I am a nurse and now nurse practitioner, combined, for almost 13 years, with a seasoned background!

I have trained in power tumbling, collegiate cheerleading, Olympic Weightlifting, and CrossFit.

I have recently been pregnant and had a baby!

I pride myself in being emotionally intelligent, resourceful, and thoughtful.


I have spent over a decade, immersed in Western medicine, our healthcare system, and obtained various certifications (CrossFit Level 1, USAW Sports Performance, Trauma Nursing, Advanced Life Support, and now Precision Nutrition).

I have studied both formally and informally, tried a whole lot of different eating plans and fitness styles!

I have an amazing referral network, a deeply experienced Mentor, and finally, a whole lot of life experience.

I don't live in extremes, I believe in fundamentals and refinement, and just don't ever want to have to depend on somebody else to take care of me day in and day out.


I'm always learning about new things, willing to try most things, and understand the real-life consequences of poor habits.



Individualized Food Planning

6-12 Week Program

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