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Well, hello to you!

Approachable means friendly, or easy to talk to.


It’s interesting, ironic, and mildly funny that I chose this name for my site, because over the years, every time I’ve met new people that continue to stay in my life, they’ve told me one of two things:

When I first met you I thought you were such a b***h, until I got to know you...” OR “I loved how straight up you were when I first met you, and I knew you weren’t fake.” I believe both of these perceptions are true, and the other thing I know, is that no matter where I’ve gone, and whichever impression someone had first - I still get “approached” constantly by friends, family and my patients with questions about diet, exercise, diagnoses, lab results, supplements, vulnerable/private concerns, or just for advice. I often receive private messages from friends on social media who relate to the struggles I share, or feel comfortable asking more questions or opening up, because I went first.


It’s no secret that in the world of healthcare, providers are spending way less face-to-face time and using way less eye contact with patients. The COVID crisis of 2020 has and will continue to push health care in the heavily virtual direction it was already headed.

Have you ever visited a provider (doctor, nurse practitioner, therapist, etc.) and left confused or fuzzy about what they told you? Were you too intimidated or embarrassed to ask questions?


Empowered patients get better results, are more likely to follow through with recommendations, and have less anxiety (1). No, I’m not talking about the patient (the year 2020 would call her Karen) with a month-long Google notebook full of internet cobwebs. I’m talking about patients that ask good questions, don’t freeze up (literally and figuratively), and leave a conversation with a provider feeling EMPOWERED with knowledge.


My mission, is to write about topics from the realms of healthcare and wellness, decode medical terminology, and break down headlines in understandable language, to empower you to optimize your health and to not be fooled by marketing or media fluff.


What can I help you understand?

 I'd love to hear from you.

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