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  • Kaelyn Turner

This is how you come up with names that you will NEVER give your children.


I am oddly happy to say that I continue to report to you today from my beige-on-beige-on-beige, faux-wood, standardized, work office at my very undisclosed work location.

*insert eye roll*

If you follow my Approachable NP Instagram, you already know that my job attempted to terminate me recently because of the COVID stats series I had been doing. I was charged with violating HIPAA and posting patient identifiers on social media.

If you were following them, we all know that’s not what was happening, and I very grumpily agreed to stop posting stats. I find out the fate of my employment status tomorrow…fast forward to October… Nothing happened, except I’m tapping my own self out out after baby comes.

Me working in corporate healthcare has been trying to fit an un-sanded square wooden peg into a round hole made of match strike strips for the last 11.5 years of my life. I don't fit.

This opening monologue brings to mind not 1, but 2 Kacey Musgraves jams. If you are new here, Kacey Musgraves is the singer I always dreamed of becoming but never did. Her words, burns, perspective, voice, and she’s so damn tall.

Her song, “Miserable" has been featured in another blog, so I'll go with the other choice and give y'all a new flavor...

"I don't need a membership to validate
The hard work I put in and the dues I paid
Never been to good at just goin' along
I guess I've always kind of been for the underdog...
...And if I end up goin' down in flames
Well at least I know I did it my own way, hey
Don't wanna be a part of the good ol' boys club
Cigars and handshakes, ‘preciate ya but no thanks" (1)

This is going somewhere, promise... Stay with me.

Part of the trouble I've had in getting along in my career without constantly being called to the principal's office, is that I have never been a person to "do something this way" because “we said so,” or it's "always been done that way."

I am a "But, why?" flavored person.

I can't adequately describe in words how much administrators hate that, and subsequently, unanimously, want to grab me and shake me and strangle me and fire me. I'm a person that comes to a conclusion real quick. A person that people who need all good ideas to be "their" ideas really hates.

The theme of my career is “you get in your own way.”

I am a person who isn't satisfied with doing things robotically. Warning: Medical terminology ahead, hate to be like that but you'll get the point either way. End of warning.

As a nurse, I wanted to know why this time we chose Cleviprex and that time we chose Cardene for a hypertensive crisis with a hemorrhagic stroke. I wanted to know why we chose Magnesium over Nifedipine for hypertension in pre-eclampsia when Nifedipine is a safe enough drug in terms of pregnancy category, and the patient hasn’t responded to labetolol pushes and PO meds and a Mg drip for TEN HOURS. (Can you tell that is a true story that I never got an answer to? Oh, little details, baby didn't make it..)

I suppose I never got older than 3. Because my favorite thing to ask is "Why?"

And so I'd get online and read about ______ and then ask my questions.

Perpetual Story Time. If you don't want another story...skip through this paragraph. But okay... Circa 2016… When I get the message that my literal crack-whore patient's cath lab procedure was cancelled because the Troponins trended downward, and I KNOW THEY DID NOT - I get in a zone.. and I spent a LOT of time going into every tab of the orders, vitals, lab results to prove that the Troponins in fact, went up, the lab posted them backwards, and I refuse to take an order from the charge nurse in the Cath Lab cancelling the procedure and demand to speak to the Cardiologist. And then they look at what I am looking at, and then suddenly the patient goes to Cath Lab.....??? Then, later in the week, I get called to the conference room of doom down a long hallway, and get "written up" for being “arrogant and disrespectful“ and a "know it all." True story LOL. Nevermind that I caught a lab error. Nevermind that I got the patient back into Cath Lab. Never mind that I advocated for a literal crack-addicted prostitute actively having a heart attack. None of it matters. Someone on the other end of the phone didn't like being wrong. It's SO FUN working in a FEMALE DOMINATED field. *eye roll*

Oddly (not) - that person and the person that started the current disciplinary roller coaster I'm on because of Instagram .... have the SAME NAME.

Bruh. This is how you come up with names that you will NEVER give your children LOL

For the record - I love that manager that wrote me up and if she reads this she will know who she is, but I'll never forget that day. She gets me in the end, and it's all good.

And people wonder and judge why nurses drink.

Bye. Get out our way in the wine aisle.

I have a long standing history with these types of encounters. Very familiar territory for me.

Bonus!!! I'm not just like that at work! I'm like that in real life too! And someone married me!?

Here's the bridge, the segue (yes, "seg-way" is spelled that way) if you will.........

I'm a "But, why?" person in pregnancy too. I have to imagine that I am the MOST annoying patient that my OB has? Maybe not because I'm not whiny. But, LOL I can't HELP IT.

The remainder of blog is going to be bullet points of what I'm doing so far in pregnancy, choices I've made, products that are working well for me (**no, I don't get paid, but I really need to figure out how to - if you can help me with that, holla atcha girl - commissioned links - if you know how to do know how to find me**), what I haven't done, and what I'm preparing to do. The day I start this blog episode, I am 25 weeks plus 2 days pregnant. I look 35 weeks.... and this baby is WILD AF and this is EXACTLY what she seems to be

occupying herself doing MOST of the time............. but add a stomp routine.

Man time got away from me, as I am picking up where I left off on this at “30 weeks+1 day.” Thankfully I still look 35 weeks and not 45. I believe firmly that I am dated 2 weeks behind. TBD.


Oh my! Who am I? How could I forget to say that me sharing what is working for me during pregnancy is absolutely NOT an invitation for you to tell me I’m wrong, criticize me, shame me, tell me that I need to change something, etc.. Any way you season it… cook ya meat your way and Ima cook mine this way:

  • Leggings. Specifically Lululemon leggings. (2) Why? They stretch and retract as good as a uterus. YES, I am fully aware of the price point. I am here to tell you they are worth every single penny. I have Lulu leggings and shorts that are literally 8-10 years old that I still wear today. Yes they have plenty on discount as well. Healthcare providers get a discount in store with their ID. And tied for first place: FLEO shorts, specifically, these, because they stay put over my large bump, they are long enough, they are less compression than Lulus for the days I am not in the mood for compression, Louisiana summer is hot AF, yet, I pair them with a hoodie. My husband quit trying to understand a while ago. (3)

  • HOODIES. Why? My pregnancy has made me COLD! Cold flashes. Freezing all the time. Hands down favorite hoodies are from American Eagle’s AERIE … Winter is upon us. (4) However, any and all hoodies are welcomed. No, I am not anemic, twice.

  • Keeping a PREGNANCY LOG Why? I was using an app and LH surge strips to track my cycles last year.. and for 1 month this year... and I've been pregnant twice now..soooo, 10/10 don't recommend those options if you aren't ready for a baby LOL But, a pregnancy log, aka cheap plain

notebook in which I document the highlights, so I can see weight trends, blood pressure trends to look back and remember health events, and be able to advocate for my own self with my doctor. Which brings me to my next bullet...

  • Having a CBG machine for myself (5) Why? No, first, What? A capillary blood glucose monitor. Blood sugar machine. Where you prick your finger. You can buy these over the counter at drug stores, or ask your doctor to write an Rx for you. This is the one I have. You can definitely get it on sale, on your insurance, use your HSA/FSA card, borrow one from someone, whatever. Genetically, at my baseline, I am predisposed (meaning at risk for) to developing Type II Diabetes based on my family history and a genetic test I did. I do not want diabetes and I have the energy, knowledge and option to prevent it. Yes, I am aware that Gestational DM does not mean lifelong diabetes - but sometimes it doesn't go away after delivery. Plus - I am 4'11" on a tall day and was 101# pre pregnancy - soooo the possibility of having a 9-11# diabetes baby inside me is terrifying. Here's the other very high maintenance and "extra" reason I had been checking my own blood sugars ... I *refuse* to drink that nasty chemical glucose shit drink for the 20 week GDM check, respectfully. I am 100% certain I would puke it, then, for even more fun, would have to then take the 3H glucose test with a larger glucose load. Thankfully, I chose a GREAT doctor who allowed me to have this choice. I do not ever load my body with 50grams of glucose in real life in 5 minutes, much less an hour, so for me, the test, was testing something, that on every other day of my life, is not occurring. Clearly I would not refuse this testing/screening completely, but there was an alternative... I chose the first line treatment for Gestational Diabetes as my PRIMARY PREVENTION and day to day 80/20 lifestyle.....aaaaaaaaaand next bullet:

  • HEALTHY FOOD Why? Because it’s the right thing to do. Yep, I used the word right. Might never claim that anything I do is the "right" thing again, but this one thing, is the right thing. I ate this way pre-pregnancy and was very fortunate to be able to continue to do so this second pregnancy, so, there were no big changes for me. I eat almost the exact same things every week, because on all regular-routine-work-housework-grind-days - food is fuel, my food is building my baby, and keeping me in good health - food is not entertainment. That's my "80". These are the menu of things I pick off of to eat every single day: eggs in avocado oil; kiwi; nectarine; banana; 1 kodiak thick waffle; black coffee caf and decaf, hot or cold; a double protein smoothie from Smoothie King; unsalted mixed nuts; EnjoyLife brand dark chocolate; spinach; cucumbers; raw carrots; snap peas; Ezekiel bread; Sargento cheddar; Applegate sliced ham (gasp! Lunch meat!); a power crunch or perfect protein bar; salad; chicken/shrimp/grass fed beef/lamb; a 7 grain blend; green apple; unsweetened, raw peanut or almond butter; beef jerkey; berries; raw bell peppers or

mini peppers; Garden of Life Protein Powder; gum; sparkling water. When I am too exhausted, there is a local restaurant in Lafayette - Rachael's - that has THE most delicious, paleo "Fit Kitchen" meals. They are pricey, but 1 meal is 2 for me from them and it is so worth it. (6)

  • Specifically, sandwiches. Why? They taste good every day, keep me full a long time, are fast, cheap, easy, and

don’t require a microwave. Ezekiel bread, specifically Whole Foods mustard (base is apple cider vinegar versus regular vinegar and it’s so damn good), a fat layer of baby spinach, Sargento cheddar, Applegate ham, side of raw vegetables, usually carrot chips and snap peas.

  • FIGS Compression Socks and ZOOT Compression Socks Why? My job is 8 or 12 (or 13 or 14) hour shifts. Compression is non negotiable. ZOOT socks are definitely superior compression but FIGS go on and off easier and cost less ($28 per pair - yes, this is not expensive). Trade off of much better compression for more money (Zoots are $42.50/pair) or not as good compression for easier donning and doffing, and fun designs. (7) (8)

  • SCDs = Sequential Compression Device

Why? Because pregnancy edema is NUTS and compression socks and elevation are not enough for me. A friend told me to get these and I use them ALL the time… in fact I have gone through 2 cycles in them as I type this ... in order to move fluid (swelling) around, relieve pain, relax. My husband uses them too. There are a bunch on Amazon but my friend picked these so I did too. (9)

  • OSEA skin care products o b s e s s e d. Why? A lotttt of skin care products that a 34 year old requires are not pregnancy safe… Retinols, certain acids, tetracycline antibiotics, Botox (a SIN that this is not pregnancy approved IMO), lasers, peels, any ingredient that increases cell turnover…

ya know… all the shit that works. Cool. There are pregnancy specific skin care brands like Belli… Tried them, hated them. Gave me an itchy angry face rash. I got targeted by an Ad on Instagram for Osea and mannnnnn am I hooked!!! Alll seaweed or plant based. Spa scents or no scents. There's a group of products that have been amazing for my acne and rosacea and oil and fine lines! Cannot say enough good things!! Yes, I am aware of the price point… I also love LimeLife Dream Clean and Masque of Zen… and CeraVe products… (10)

  • The Michael Todd SoniClear Why? Well. I went to Ulta and they quit selling Clarisonic. Then it was cheaper than Clarisonic (mine died long ago) and works just as well and you can definitely find it on

sale for cheaper. Also there are similar, low-priced ones at drug stores… I am simply not #blessed in the skin category. Or teeth. I recently posted about protein bars on Instagram and said I don't do Rx Bars... because my teeth (and skin) are ratchet as Hell middle of the mall quality but very expensive price. Aestheticians and Dermatologists won’t do microneedling or microdermabrasion on you in pregnancy, so if you are blessed with horrific, lumpy, moon-face, splotchy skin like me… this is your gem! (11) There is no product on Earth that makes you look like you slept enough, and on work days, I look tired, but anyone who knows me, knows that the skin in this picture is lightyears ahead of the days when I'd show up to 5am class at the gym and people asked me if I did the workout already because my face was so red (rosacea). sad face emoji.

  • Alive! Prenatal Vitamins Why? Because you have to take one. I mean. You don’t HAVE to I guess but if you want a chance at a regular baby and not feeling like an even hotter pile of pregnancy poo, 10/10 recommend. This kind specifically is plant based and not coated in a thick layer of sugar and has not made me nauseated. Please note: This vitamin does not contain Iron. I eat a lot of foods that contain iron, daily, and have not been anemic at both checks, so, for me, this is working. If you are anemic, this one is not enough for you by itself. (12)

  • Smoothie King

Why? Because - MEAT AVERSION #IYKYK (meaning, cannot stand the thought, sight, smell, taste, texture or even conversations about meat) is a "thing" in the first trimester of pregnancy. It's super common, buuuut humans need protein. I could smell the meat in the fridge from across the room in my first trimester and even when it was fully cooked, it smelled and tasted raw. Red Light. So, now, Smoothie King has become a regular almost daily item for me. There are a few I get, but no matter which one I get, this is my super extra high maintenance method that leaves the 18 year olds working there bewildered: Remove any and all sweeteners: stevia, juice, juice blends, turbinado. No, I do not replace them with any alternative, not even extra fruit. But, I will add coconut water as a "sub" for sweetener. Always add an extra scoop or 2 of protein. I choose the SunWarrior Vegan one, I digest it very easily. My only criticism of Smoothie King is that their powders are pretty low protein... like 6-8 grams per scoop. Boo. Add a fat: for me, either peanut butter or almond butter normally, to slow down the absorption of the carbs that are in it. Sometimes: add the probiotic blend. I would also get the prenatal vitamin added in when I felt nauseated and that worked really well in place of taking a pill or chewing a gummie.

The one that helped me the most first trimester: Lemon Ginger Spinach. Check out the ingredient list in the picture above: It's a great example of: Do not add the Papaya Juice Blend, Do not add White Grape Lemon Juice Blend, Do not add Stevia (although keeping this is fine), Add Coconut Water, Add extra ginger, Add 2 scoops vegan protein, Add probiotic............

So....the overall goal no matter what I order is.... 1) take away the added sugar (guys, if a thing mostly full of pineapple and mango isn't sweet enough for you... we have some work to do on your taste-bud-brain loop)... 2) increase the protein... 3) slow it down with a fat. Preggos, for nausea add the extra ginger, and for digestion, the probiotic. Adding extra lemon would be a good option as well. Yes - I am so aware I can make this at home - I cannot adequately communicate my fatigue and how low making smoothies at home is on the priority totem pole. They cost me $6-$8 each, I consider them a meal, I buy 2-3 at a time, drink 1 the same day, freeze the others, and bring them to work with me. You earn $2 off coupons constantly that you can combine so like.... the price drops the longer you go and sometimes you can combine enough coupons that you pay like $1. I use them also as a pre/post workout, or just calories when I have no appetite because this baby is GIANT (she's not really) and there's no room for food.

  • LaCroix, Italian Sparkling Lime Water, Topo Chico Lime or Grapefruit Why? I do not drink "cokes" (#IYKYK cajun people do not say "pop" or "soda" - the term is cokes). Like, the literal only situation in which I would drink a coke is if I am very hypoglycemic and need to correct it quickly, which has not happened since last year... Sooo yeah. Sometimes you just need fizz and bubbles, and I do not want the added sugar or artificial sweetener, so these three things work well for me! Topo Chico would be where I'd start if you are trying to train your brain to like things without added sugar.

  • MamaNatural : Week by Week Pregnancy Guide and online Birth Course Why? Because my Plan A for labor and delivery is to not get an epidural. Yes. I did not typo. My ideal situation would not involve using an epidural for pain relief. No, I am not crazy. Yes, I fully, 100% believe this is doable, and I have spoken to sooooo many moms in real life that have birthed multiple babies with no epidural or a FAILED epidural. Pain is part of life, and it's not very often that pain results in such a positive end result as a baby. I chose to zoom in on 3 voices that advocate and prepare moms for an epidural free labor and delivery, and I have learned so much. I did not say "drug free" labor and delivery - I said epidural free. Again, I'll state, I am so acutely aware of the things that can go wrong, and how things change, and how unpredictable labor and birth are, I do not require remediation, I said no epidural is my Plan A. There are dozens of ways to cope with and reduce labor pain, and I am SO happy that I decided to learn this way and welcome the challenge. (13) (14)

  • Hypnobirthing Why? Not what it sounds like. At no time are you hypnotized LOL. Rather, it is a method, that I assume is similar to Lamaze, but I did not take Lamaze classes, of entering a sort of meditative state using breathing, movement, positioning, mobility tools, water, verbal/physical support from your spouse or birthing partner, and actively doing things that promote progression of labor. It all makes so much SENSE, and unless you actively seek out this information - or if you aren't in touch with granola people and granola ways of doing things - you may be totally unaware of the cascade of events that stall labor or make it more difficult, when going the "traditional" American hospital way. Listen - There is nothing wrong with choosing to go that route at all! It's my Plan B. But I think everyone should at least be informed that many things that are normal in America, are counterproductive. Birth is primal. It is a natural function of women and animals and it is a process to be supported, not medically managed and intervened upon and controlled tightly, outside of fetal/maternal emergencies or urgencies. I need everyone to know that epidurals are not a guarantee. Even if you do opt for one - they can fail. They wear off. They only work in certain spots. Only work on half your body. Don't work "all the way down". They limit your ability to move. They limit your ability to recruit the right pushing muscles because your sensation is blocked partially or completely, and it is common for the medication to have to be turned off in order to get a baby out. You can also potentially have an allergic reaction to the medication (talked to someone who this happened to), a vagal response (blood pressure bottoms out) and more! Epidurals increase your chances at needing a csection, episiotomy, etc. Bottom line - No matter how my labor and delivery goes down - I am so prepared with alternative coping skills, that my mind is absolutely not betting all my chips on an epidural to get me through having this baby, whether I end up getting one, or (fingers crossed) not. (15)

  • Following accounts on Instagram that EDUCATE and INSPIRE me regarding all things pregnancy and natural birth (for me, again, not necessarily drug free, but epidural free, in a hospital)…. Such as the hashtags PositiveBirth, or PositiveNaturalBirth, PositiveBirthStoryProject, and more. I am TOO aware of the bad things that can happen during pregnancy and birth, and that’s how you find me at age 34 having my first baby… I NEED to input a large volume of positive, counter-intuitive content because I know too much about the harsh realities, in order to go through with this composed and not in a panic.

  • SLEEP Why? It took me a long time to embrace this part. But, the fatigue and exhaustion took over me. It took repeated commands and emphasis from my doctor, her nurse, and her NP to get me to understand that for this short season of my life - I cannot be moving, productive, and busy all the time. I have to spend a significant amount of time horizontal.

"Busyness does not equal productiveness, activity does not equal achievement." -Unknown
  • Biore Pore Strips Why? I am an oily faced person. Always have been. These suckers have been around since I was in like 7th grade, and they are JUST as satisfying and excellent now as they were then. Especially in this super fun COVID era where we wear masks all the time - ew, my pores are disgusting. So, I do these twice a week. And I video myself pulling them off and send it to my husband and 2 friends every single time LOL and zoom in on what came out my face. (16)

Why? Love it. Endless, customizable options. Efficient. Effective. $19/month. An astounding amount of free content. Visible, accessible owners and staff. Special programs even for pregnancy. I could literally go on and on. Started on it when I was jobless and left my CrossFit gym after like 7-8 years and there's no turning back now. Even if I do return to a real gym, I'm keeping SP! (17)

Nothing to see here. Just a pregnant chick running in the rain.

  • BOUNDARIES Saying NO to people, gatherings, outings instead of forcing myself to do things that don't feel good. Reminding people constantly that my brain is full fog with 0% visibility. I've read this is due to high progesterone in pregnancy. I forget everything. I forget what I said or didn't say. I forget what I did or didn't do. I put things in odd locations where they don’t belong. I say bizarre things and I have no idea where they came from. I lose my train of thought often. I wander around the house trying to figure out what I’m doing. I am T I R E D. And please, gag, I am FULL UP with the “get ready to be tired for the rest of your life comments,” or else I’ll tell you what I think about that and it’ll hurt your feelings.

  • ORDERING GROCERIES OMG Why? I had a relentless case of anxiety and depression early this year after a series of life events over a period of about 10-12 months, and was not able to go grocery shopping anymore. Yeah. Like. Real talk. Ordering groceries was a life saver and is the most amazing thing ever and it's one pandemic thing that I hope never ever goes away. Even though my mental health has drastically improved, I still choose to order groceries because..... going out in public.... amongst people.....*shudder*. I do Albertson's, Target, or Whole Foods, and yes, I do spend less because I pick only the stuff I need or want, not all the little extra tra la las they sprinkle about the stores.

  • Babylist Baby Registry Why? Again, root cause for this choice was avoidance of stores. But, as it turns out, it

worked really well. We love people from many different places and it was soooo easy to build the list, share the link, they go on, pick what they want and can ship to US at our HOUSE if they want! This worked especially well for the very generous gifts we received such as a crib, glider and ottoman, high chair, etc. You can shop their site, or you can add a button to your internet on your computer, and add items from any website!! Like I added stuff from Etsy! It worked really well for us, highly recommend. (18) The mini crib with the dogs in it was a gift that came from Babylist, shipped to our house!

  • Having a Husband Why? Pregnancy is HARD. It doesn't have to be a husband. It can be a wife. Boyfriend, fiancé, girlfriend, family member. Your 1 go-to person to help you, go to appointments with you, figure stuff out with you, encourage you, roll you over and pull you off the couch, run errands, come to your rescue, take turns. Or roll super tight toilet paper blunts for you to stick up your nose that will not stop profusely bleeding x hours because you've been pregnant for like a year at this point and there are no tampons in sight. Not exaggerating, I bled for 5 hours.

I would never choose to do this alone. Some people have no choice but to do it alone - I am aware - but given the choice, I would never purposely get into a situation without a support person, or with an unsupportive person, specifically a significant other, where I would be pregnant and mostly alone.

  • Dry Shampoo Why? I mean is that even a real question? I was born with lion mane hair. And I still have it. It takes a significant amount of motivation, time, energy, attention, products and heat to get this rat nest in order. I work in direct patient care. In an urgent care clinic, where gross things occur. I will never ever ever be a wash my hair once a week person. Ever. My picks: Living Proof and Moroccan Oil. (19) (20). Moroccan Oil has a dry shampoo for light hair and dark hair. Dry shampoo for MVP Nominee.

  • Having friends that have done this before me collectively dozens of times… dozens. Why? There is no price tag you could put on shared experiences, wisdom, and troubleshooting that other people have already worked through.

  • Pouring red wine into a baking measuring cup, then into a wine glass, and sipping it with a coffee straw to make it go slower. Like, 3-4 ounces at a time. Why? Wine is literally the only “craving“ I have, and based on the real research that is available (it’s obviously not much), plus conversations with 2 specific NICU nurses, asking my doctor’s nurse, and the experiences of my friends - this is a choice I make consciously. It's my ONE unfavorable "thing", and I waited a while to start doing this. And everything is fine. Letting myself have a LITTLE bit, in a controlled and conscious manner, makes me less grumpy and tantrumy, and feel less excluded. This blog is NOT medical advice! Don't do this just because I say I am! Common sense. I'm sharing this and everything else because these are things that are working well for me in many aspects : mentally, physically, emotionally. Compromises and happy mediums are where I like to marinate.

  • To Do Lists Why? Because pregnancy brain. To-Do Lists are for survival.

  • Asking for help when I need it…. Or… getting DoorDash to pick up panty liners and a jar of prenatal vitamins because I never managed to pick them up myself on my days off work so why not embrace 2021 and pay DoorDash to bring them to me at work with the Smoothies I was too fatigued to order and pick up on my days off as well. All one word.

  • Checking in with my Therapist Why? Because pregnancy is a big deal. And it's something I didn't actually believe I'd ever do deep down. And even though it's a happy thing - it's eustress. Mostly good stress. And it's a LOT to think about, plan for, and come to terms with.

My hands down, bottom line life motto: A good therapist is priceless.
  • Taking Zoloft. Why? Because as I said, earlier this year, the culmination of a long, widely varied, string of events, that took place over about 10-12 months, was the miscarriage of my first pregnancy in the same week as the death of my grandpa. I tried to breathe, sleep, meditate, pray, water and wine the post-partum and general depression away for a month. It was not working. Zoloft has changed my life. Made me myself again. And has a risk|benefit profile that did not require me getting off of it for this pregnancy, for my own personal situation and health. You DON'T have to live in post-partum (or any) untreated, depression. It's dangerous to do so. Poor coping or internalizing will erode you until you break. If medication is the only thing you won't do - I encourage you to reconsider. Again, this blog is NOT medical advice, simply me sharing what is definitely working for me - with NO shame.

  • Chiropractic Why? Well! My right sciatic nerve tried to MURDER me around 8 weeks pregnant and guess what? Can't take any medications for inflammation (NSAIDS, steroids) and certainly no opioids for stuff like that in pregnancy. My chiropractor did some WORK on me. I had to have I think 3 visits in 1 week, but he absolutely cured me and I never took a single pill for pain. No tylenol, nothing prescription. Nothing. Clenched my jaw, let him do what he needed to do to fix me, CRIED and SWEATED and DEEP BREATHED A LOT, and the pain has nevvverrrrr come back in 6 months. I went from literally crawling on the floor at home (this is 1 reason why having a husband got a bullet in this list) to pain free in 1 week. (21)

  • The What to Expect APP Why? It's informative. Short-winded. It answers questions you didn't realize you had or ones that you don't want to ask out loud or even type into Google. It tells you what's normal and what's not. It compares the baby to fruit, vegetables, or 90s nostalgia items. The weekly updates are shareable with friends or family who don't have the app so you can keep them updated about what's going on in there. Great resource. Free. Tons of really helpful info and insight. (22)

  • TALKING to my friends both in person and on social media about pregnancy, the things I come across that I want for myself, questions I have, or just general (purposely infrequent) bitching. I learned VERY early on, who my safe people were and were not. This right here is the best for last. I cannot imagine doing pregnancy alone. People who aren’t knee-jerkers. People who are rational, experienced, considerate, non judgmental, and most importantly - raising very high quality children while simultaneously being in control of their bigger picture, and not losing themselves in the process. I choose to talk to, pay attention to, learn from, follow, and question the moms that are changing the way we see moms. I am incredibly fortunate to know A LOT of moms that fit every word of that description.

I honestly could go on, but this is a blog not an autobiography and y'all prolly tired by now. Pregnancy is something I FEARED. All I could focus on were things that would go wrong. Soooooo terrified of the vomiting, complications. None of which I have experienced this

second time. There is so much positive information to consume out there to balance out the very real traumas that occur. At the pace I'm going, this kid might be here by the time I manage to write another one of these. I'm just on a 1 day at a time pace right now, which is new for me. Pregnancy so far has taught me to listen to my brain and body, stand up for myself, TRUST my own JUGEMENT, find things out on my own and STOP listening to other people's opinions - because everybody thinks their way is better. And I'm not them.

The End.


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